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When installing our products, you must ensure you select the correct installation directory. The installer will attempt to automatically detect the correct folder based on your Steam installation but we cannot guarantee it will always be accurate, without fail. If you find that the installation folder is often or always incorrect, please use these instructions from Just Trains to resolve this issue permanently. The correct location will be a folder in your Steam installation or a Steam library called “RailWorks”, which has a file inside called “RailWorks.exe”.

The easiest way to find the correct folder - without having to manually browse through your computer - is to start by finding the game in your Steam library (where all the games owned on your account are listed). Right click on Train Simulator in your library, and in the menu that appears, click Properties. A new window will appear with several tabs at the top. Select the Local Files tab, then press the button on that screen 'Browse Local Files'. A new Windows Explorer window will appear, showing the correct folder. To make sure the installer uses the correct target folder to install your The Forge Simulation product, simply right click on the folder address at the top of the window, and click 'Copy address'. You can then paste this into the install folder directory in the installer software.

It should look something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks

although your path will vary if you have installed Train Simulator or Steam into a different place than normal, or are using a 'Steam Library' for your Train Simulator installation.


Our products have a number of highly advanced, realistic features. These can be disabled if you would like an easier experience. Please ensure you read the manual supplied with the products in order to have a full understanding of how to configure your product, to use the simplified mode if desired, or turn off or alter certain advanced features.