V10C 0-6-0DM

Our first foray into narrow gauge is the diminuitive 750mm gauge V10C diesel mechanical locomotive. A six-coupled locomotive with a fun, realistic and interesting driving experience, it's the perfect compliment to the freeware Pressnitztalbahn route for Train Simulator and the Saxon IV-K locomotive available from JustTrains (soon to be updated and here on our website). Preservation and DR examples are included, with a host of great features.


Contents in detail:Content in detail:
- New diesel engine script system
- New mechanical gearbox system with accurate curves of power and ratios
- Prototypical locomotive prep process
- Dynamic, temperature based simulation of exhaust smoke
- Dynamic oil pressure and temperature simulation - Accurate sounds
- Dynamic wheelslip simulation
- Limited sand supply
- Dynamic numbers and labels
- DR and heritage versions
- Changeable plates showing allocations and overhaul dates
- Four different skins: blue (clean or dirty), black, yellow
- Including V10C „Mansfeld Kombinat Wilhelm Pieck“
- Communication with other V10Cs in the train
- Error and fault reporting system
- Repair system
- Configuration file
- English/German language setting
- Quick drive compatible
- Copy protection